Close your eyes

Imagine you’re standing in the middle of a shady forest, surrounded by lush greenery, palms, ferns and tall trees…a slight breeze cooling your skin. You stand quietly, listening to the silence of nature knowing that nature is never exactly silent…your eyes are closed as you just let the world wash around and past you. This experience both touches you deeply…creating a stillness inside…and never touches you at all as it flows from the past to the future.

Now open your eyes and shake that feeling off…

…and start listening to the asshole standing in front of you, yelling about something you did or didn’t do that messed up something he wanted or didn’t want to have happen.

Big difference?

The point is that everything that you experience is an external stimulus, coming from outside of you and processed by your senses and made sense of internally. The asshole in front of you—as much as he’s yelling and attempting to make you feel like shit—is still only visible spectrum electromagnetic waves (what you see), and sound waves represented as varying air pressures (what you hear) washing over you.

You have a choice how you react to those stimuli.

There is nothing automatic or outside your control about the reactions you have to the stimuli; everything is a choice you are consciously and unconsciously making. Whether it’s a choice today or some choice you made twenty years ago and are just replaying that now…you are making a choice.

The feeling you have in the quiet forest is also your reaction to the visible spectrum electromagnetic waves (what you see) and the sound waves represented as varying air pressures (what you hear). The only deference is frequency and amplitude. Because these are the same, you actually have the power to react to his raving by assuming that you are standing in that quiet green forest and the noise erupting from him is merely the sound of nature…so…

…the next time that asshole is standing in front of you yelling…

…try to pick out the individual birds songs you hear.

Believe. Go. Do.


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