Unfair and Uncaring

Here is something I know.

It truly seems that there are precious few people on this planet who are being loved by another person in the way that they believe they deserve. Everyone who is not one of the “lucky few” feels hollow and empty and continually sad—which creates deep felt anger—so they lash out, they complain and cannot understand why, in a world of 7 billion people, they cannot find the one person who will love them completely and accept them exactly the way that they are…without judgment or reservation.

How can it be so unfair, they ask…

They spend billions of dollars going to the gym and buying the right clothes and the right cars and they read books and watch videos about how to superficially improve and change aspects of themselves in order to attract the right man or woman. They read magazine articles and listen to friends advice—over and over and over—but they never, ever find the right answer—not the one they look for—so they believe that they are destined to be alone, forgotten, cast off from love and happiness by an uncaring and inattentive world. They are simply asking the wrong question.

All of these people want to fundamentally change the future…without actually changing themselves.

“But, but, but…I do change myself, I do it all the time!” people say…but going to the gym or buying new clothes or a new hairstyle is not fundamentally changing who you are, it is superficial and ultimately meaningless (like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic). The changes required are much, much deeper and they have to be explicitly matched to the future the person wants. Do you want a future where someone loves you completely and accepts you exactly the way that you are…without judgment or reservation? Great…learn to love yourself completely and accept yourself exactly the way that you are…without judgment or reservation.

And that future becomes yours.

Until you do that, you will continually find yourself hurt, sad and angry because life will seem so unfair and uncaring when, in fact, it’s not either…in fact it is you who are unfair and uncaring about yourself. It is you who are withholding that future from yourself. It is you who will not allow yourself to be loved the way that you deserve, the way that every person on this planet deserves.

Here is something I know: change yourself and you change the world.

Your world.

Believe. Go. Do.


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