Here’s something interesting.

I’ve said before that we humans, when we are sad or angry, are that way for generally two reasons; either we look to the past and want to change decisions we’ve made, or we look to the future and want to change it without changing ourselves. The interesting thing I’ve recently discovered in my reading is that the future we look to is even less accurate than what I originally thought.

Let me explain.

Think of the future this way; it is not some far off set of experiences that you anticipate having, no, it is the anticipation of the *memories* that you will accrue during those future experiences! The future you imagine is, by necessity, actually *after* the future you imagine. Haa ha, it’s true…you cannot plan for reacting to experiences you haven’t had yet, your brain just ties itself into knots trying that, instead you have to imagine already having the experiences and then, and only then, can you imagine your reaction to them. Therefore…

…the future you imagine is after the future you imagine.

So, in our tiny little reptilian brains, when we get all emotionally upset that the future isn’t changing the way we want it to (because we are unwilling to change ourselves)…

…we’re not even thinking about the correct future to change.

Change is the fulcrum upon which our lives balance, we know innately that we cannot change the past and we *need to know* that the only way we can change the future is by changing today, the present. We must change our perception, how we look at change itself, to be able to effectively change the future…

…simply because we stop looking in that direction.

Believe. Go. Do.


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