Someone You Don’t Know

My heart breaks, bleeds
a simple misery
tears of silent sadness
fall with these words, the
ugly cry, the wanton
and the wanting…my
heart breaks for you
for not living
the live that is yours

The ferocious demon in
your mind/mirror is yours
yours alone
created from pieces
of pain, from huge planet
sized dreams of hideous
disadvantage and
your own personal

I want to tell you, I try
to convince cajole collect
the billions of shiny
patterned pieces
of you that is goodness,
an iceberg of amazing
that is hiding below
your sea…and your eyes
ears, mind only know ice

So you don’t listen, you
don’t know what
you are, where
you are, who
you are when you are
always beautiful, sadly
wonderful, simply special
…merely amazing…always

You can know only
when you know like
being helped when you
agree to help
yourself, you can
only know when
aren’t mocking, aren’t
misery, aren’t reality

My heart breaks, bleeds
a simple misery
as you see only
that reality
that ice, that dream
of who you are, when
who you are
is someone
you don’t know

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