Listen goddammit! I’m tired of hearing/seeing/having it. People making decisions for themselves is the best and ONLY FUCKING way that works. The fed making decisions for me? Fuck you. The state making decisions for me? Fuck you. My neighbor making decisions for me. Fuck you.
Who do you think knows best for you? Some policy wonk in DC? Your senator? Your congressman? Your president?

Fuck you.

You do. You do. You do.


Will you fuck up? Hurt yourself? Fail?


Over and over but, goddammit, you’ll learn. You’ll eventually succeed and that success will mean something. It won’t be handed to you fait accompli with nothing required from you. No sweat, no pain, no passion.


And that’s what it’s about.


So, fuck off, get going, ignore them, be you…

…in all your goddamned glory.

Believe. Go. Do.


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