Not So Suddenly

the effect of displacement, a
motion downwards, toward
the moment of recognition
all guided with intent…
separating the believed
from what is seen, looking,
a smudged lens, a distorted
mind’s eye seeking clarity…
still falling and unafraid…but
wondering, passing ideas from
back to front, from then to
now, seeking a landing…
an emotional well, untapped
the bottom rising, reaching
the scent of rose or something
beautiful, something you…
an outreached hand, a moment
a few words scribed on the air
we shared between us, your
breath I could feel…
I wait in the fall, the feeling
wrapping, holding me, something
mystical and strange; I am
falling without movement…
I think like I’ve done, like I’ve
never done and wait…because
the falling I am doing, the falling
that is me…
…is you.

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