I’m Offended

So lately I started seeing posts and meme’s about offensive material on FB and other social media sites and about how you should realign your sensibilities to not be offended or that you’re too thin skinned and need to shape the fuck up. People saying that they don’t care if you’re offended (by their posts) and that you need to change yadda, yadda, yadda.

Yeah, bullshit.

Listen to this very carefully; roll it around inside you mind for a bit. Savor it’s relativistic goodness…enjoy the honesty as it sinks into the small crevices of your understanding.

Change is not polite.

Nothing that has gone through real change—people, politics, neighborhoods, whatever—has done so cleanly and without a mess. None. Change is an uprooting, a clearing of the decks…a “destructive to be constructive” process. Change is what happens when everything polite and well-mannered hasn’t worked. Change hurts. It has to otherwise it doesn’t work. There has to be pain and mess and destruction and…all that…or us humans won’t see it as real, won’t see it as necessary…

…sometimes we just won’t see it at all.

The point is that if you want change then you MUST offend people, you must make them uncomfortable, you must make it messy, you must make them see the thing to be changed.

Or fuck it; be polite, watch the kitty videos, see who “broke the internet” this particular hour…do nothing as another unarmed American is gunned down in the street by the occupying army known as the police…feel warm and safe while another 14 or 30 or 5,000 Americans are killed by radicalized Islamic extremist US citizens…

…unfriend them when they post something that offends you…and it’s like it never happened.

Believe. Go. Do.


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