I need you

Ahh the age of self-broadcast.

But more and more lately I see people posting things like “If you don’t like my politics, my language or the issues I post, don’t try to censor me on my page or try to convince me that my ideas/politics/issues I post are wrong or inappropriate blah blah blah…just unfriend me …yadda yadda yadda…” and I just kind of giggle. Actually…

…I literally LOL.

My view is that if you don’t like my politics, my language or the issues I post then HELL YEAH!! WOO HOOO!! Bring it on mother fucker!! Whatever you do, do not—DO NOT—unfriend me and do not hold back, seriously…let er rip! Take your best shot and let’s go! Better yet…

…invite your friends and lets party!

Fight clean, fight dirty, ad hominin attacks, with facts, without facts, call me an asshole, dumb fuck, Nazi, teabag, nutcase, whatever but argue, debate, prove your point…have the cajones to stand behind your position. Tell me why I’m wrong, tell me that I smell, I’m a secret communist/homosexual/republican/New Jersey resident/whatever (any secret thing to be ashamed of…have at it!) but most important of all…

…tell your story.

With every new thing I learn, regardless if I believe it, regardless that it’s true or how fucked up crazy I think it is…I grow. My perception grows in ways that it won’t or that I can’t do on my own, with my own thinking. I have to hear your amazing and ditzy ideas, your astounding and dumb fuck conspiracy theories, your passionate pleas for reason and logic…but most important of all is that for me to be a better person in the long run…I have to hear…



Believe. Go. Do.


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