It’s Not

Nothing is clear, nothing
is what we want it to be, nothing
is the feeling we have when
we have a feeling…when we look out
at a world gone mad, gone
to the brink again and again
with violence…the lingua franca,
the currency that buys air time
that ensures the deepest cuts
to an entire planets psyche, it
seems to be never enough
it’s not
it’s not
it’s not
and even while blood still stains
the last impossibly horrific
dirty patch of cement and brick,
the last killing zone,
and the echoes have yet to fade…
another and another hits the airwaves
it hits and kills people
the 24 hour news cycle and hatred
is the tagline, the headline
the funeral line of coffins
of dreams destroyed…again
and again we see that’s it based on
your god versus their god…but we’re told
it’s not
it’s not
it’s not
it’s power and crisis
the human hatred, the fuel that burns us all alive
it is not god
or gods
it is not deities fighting above us
throwing lightning bolts,
crashing thunder
raging giants battling for the control of eternity
it’s people like you
misguided brainwashed manipulated
I have to ask
what is religion?

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