Some things I know…

When you accept and love yourself, the language you use changes significantly. In fact, it changes completely. If you are at a place now where you love and accept who you are, what you represent to yourself and others, then you may not notice…but as you transition there (and we are all transitioning there), it becomes very apparent that the words you use change. Every day words you use to describe and define, to assess and assign, to ultimately communicate with others.

Can’t becomes can.
Won’t becomes will.
Fear becomes fact.
Lose becomes win.
Hate becomes love.

And it is not just the words you use but also the words you hear when people talk to you and say negative things about you—or to you—you stop hearing the disapproval and disappointment and instead hear the personal pain and doubt in their voices. You hear that they can only talk to you in the words they know…and because these words are from a place of anger, fear and hatred of themselves, that’s all they can communicate to you. To anyone.

Just like you…

…used to.

And when you felt and used those words, they didn’t actually come from you, they came from others—parents, teachers, school mates and all those determined to spread their own personal fears & doubts—but never from “you”…because as a human on this planet, just by being, you are loving and deserving of love. When you finally accept and love yourself—not because you’re perfect and better than others but because you’re flawed and human—the words you use and understand become positive and helpful because they come from a place of love and confidence.

They come from you.

Believe. Go. Do.

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