This I know…

…what I so desperately want, what I truly believe I’ve worked hard for, spent countless hours obsessing over, have thought about day and night forever it seems…the thing that has monopolized my every waking hour and is the singular thing that I truly and deeply believe will make me happy…

…is not now—nor will ever be—guaranteed.


Because this is how life works. Because I want something does not mean I actually get it. Period. Regardless how much I want it, how hard I’ve worked for it…how deeply I intrinsically feel I deserve it. This fallacy is a singularly human trait because we can think and imagine the future and when we do so we imagine that future with us succeeding, with us attaining that thing we seek so devotedly. We imagine it so deeply it becomes our reality, quite removed from actual reality such that when the future does eventually becomes the present…

…we’re massively disappointed that they are so mismatched.

And it’s this disappointment that drives so much angst and sadness…that motivates so much anger at an “unfair” world. And the solution seems so difficult with competing motivations, the inability for us to separate wants from needs, from what we truly and deeply believe we deserve…but, when broken down, it actually is…simple.

Stop using the words “life” and “fair” together.

Life is not fair.

Working hard and spending the time toward that end goal is always—and will only ever be—a way to improve the odds of success. That’s it. And there is no amount of hard work or wishful thinking that will improve the odds to the point of inevitability. To a 100% sure thing.

  • A college degree is not a guarantee.
  • 80 hour work weeks is not a guarantee.
  • Being nice and helpful is not a guarantee.
  • Going to the gym 5 times a week and eating healthy is not a guarantee.
  • Listening, truly listening and being supportive of another person is not a guarantee.
  • Deeply and completely want want WANTING with every cell and molecule in your body is not a guarantee.

Simply…while life is not a legally enforceable contract, there is one guarantee given. You will die one day.

Everything else is up to you to do your best improving your odds of success.

It’s called living.

Believe. Go. Do.


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