roll over

The problem with words is that they are arbitrary sounds that only humans associate with any meaning. Trained animals (dogs, cats, dolphins, liberals, etc.) certainly don’t understand the words, they hear the intonations, the rising and falling frequencies, they recognize a pattern of sound that they’ve associated with a requirement through positive reinforcement, over and over…but they don’t understand.

Right now, go out on the street and tell a squirrel to roll over…see where that gets you.

The point I’m making is that there is no actual natural connection (i.e. not man made) between words and things. Nothing “real” that is permanent and inalterable like a flame is hot, like water is wet…and even then, those words are meaningless except that we’ve assigned mutually agreed values to them. Physical properties, regardless what we call them or what language we use, are simply that; properties. We didn’t assign them nor invent them.

They simply are.

When you read names of objects, analogies and comparisons of physical systems to human interactions you might think “wow, that’s so fuckin true!” but the reality is that it’s an illusion, it’s not even close to being “fuckin true”. It is simply our human brains creating meaning and order where neither actually exists. We need a way to explain the things that happen around us, we need to feel like we have control and understand life and living on this planet so we use names, analogies and comparisons

We use the words we understand to explain the things we don’t.

And we feel better and feel like it’s ‘so fuckin true!’ because our little brains make a connection and that connection creates a sense of peace and comfort where once was trauma and unease. What is actually true however is that nothing “real” connects words to the things they describe EXCEPT our brains, human brains, and the agreement between us that certain sounds in a certain order are symbolic stand-ins for those things.

So the next time someone explains something to you using an analogy or comparison—and what was difficult to understand before suddenly makes sense—know that it’s all just made up shit anyway.

Now who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy?

Believe. Go. Do.


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