dissing me

I can say it I think, finally I can say it and feel good about doing so.
I hate the word “disrespect”

A lot…I hate it a lot.

Now don’t get me wrong, I usually agree with what people mean when they say that word…that someone is acting horrible to them for example…I just hate the word itself. The reason why I dislike the word so much is that when people use it, they are usually using it wrong.

No…strike that…they are ALWAYS using it wrong.

They say “he was disrespecting me” when what they mean is “he wasn’t giving me the respect I know I inherently deserve simply for standing here breathing.”
No one deserves respect simply for being alive. There is nothing automatic about respect so saying something like “I can’t believe how much he was disrespecting me” when they had just met the person is simply moronic. Respect is earned though actions and history…the things we say and do in our lives is what earns us respect, nothing else. You simply cannot be disrespected by someone who doesn’t know who the fuck you are.

Now they can be assholes, jerkoffs, douchebags, idiots, dumb fucks, dickheads, and on and on but they can’t disrespect you if they don’t know you. If you haven’t taught them though your actions and the consequences of your actions to treat you with respect then you simply haven’t earned it from them…and, in fact…

…you may be the asshole…

…jerkoff, douchebag, idiot, dumb fuck, dickhead, etc.

Just sayin 😉

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