This is what I mean by liberal.


A friend of mine, a smart guy I like a lot, is a dyed in the wool liberal with as progressive views as you can possibly get. I like to debate various political viewpoints and I assume he enjoys it as well. Sometimes, however, his overriding liberal principles really show me why I’m not a liberal.

An example is from a while ago.

I started a vigorous political debate in a post I made, not that I remember the details, but I can attest that it was forceful and likely contentious. Half my peeps are red state conservatives, the other half blue dog liberals and the final half somewhere in between (like me) so there is usually some form of “energetic” political argument going on.

This particular debate had become rancorous between two peeps with personal insults flying like honey bees around a trashcan at the zoo. Peeps calling out the other person’s mother almost kind of insults. Needle-like, mean spirited insults.

The conservative peep’s tactic was to just keep slinging them, narrowing the focus after each successful hit. My liberal peep however, did exactly what I would expect a liberal to do in the real world:

He went behind the scenes via messenger to complain to me to make the other guy stop.

Now I say “expect a liberal to do in the real world” because that’s what happens. When a liberal is met with opposition to his perspective (i.e. the public doesn’t want to do what the liberals want them to) they immediately try to use the power of the state (any perceived authority really) to force other people to do what they want. Instead of using the power of persuasion and free speech, they rely on the force of the state to conpell peeps to comply. My peep came to me because it was my page where the argument was held, it was my peeps arguing therefore I was the authority.

What did I say to him?

I replied: “Yeah he can be kind of an asshole but it’s free speech on my wall. Call him an asshole back, disparage his maternal bloodline…or not. It’s up to you…being all free speechy as I am ”

Because that’s the way I roll and because that’s the way America is supposed to work and is one of the things I hate about both political extremes…yes, conservatives do the same damn thing about using state power to make people do things they don’t want to do.

Free speech is a wonderful gift, human right and something we are born with.

Use the shit out of that fucker.

Now don’t get me wrong, I may dislike the liberal political philosophy (as well as the conservative) but that doesn’t stop me from liking peeps. We are not our politics, we are independent, loving, warm human beings all scrabbling on the face of a small rock hurdling through space. We need each other if we’re going to succeed at not destroying each other (roll that around in your brain) so I make this point not out of spite but out of kindness and concern.

Free speech is a truly amazing thing.

Use the shit out of that fucker.

Believe. Go. Do.


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