Breath deep

A friend of mine recently got a tattoo of a flying taco (it had eagle wings) with the head of a unicorn and ass-end of a cat and there was a rainbow coming out of the cat’s ass. I told him before he got it that it was a stupid idea. In fact all of us (his peeps) told him he was just bat shit crazy to get the tattoo. Seriously, it was right across his entire chest.

Yeah, completely bat shit crazy

But we couldn’t talk him out of it no matter what we said. No matter what logical arguments about regret, about being shunned…hell, about being laughed at by girls he was trying go out with. He went ahead and got the tattoo.
And he owns that shit now.
I mean he’s super proud of it and just stares at us blankly when we try to talk to him about it. No matter what we say—or how many times we say it—he just smiles as if we’re talking a foreign language. He points out the good things; the notoriety, the semi-fame around the local and on and on.

There is nothing that we can say that will make him change his mind so now we’re looking the crazy fuckers for repeating the same noises, over and over. Now our peeps are kinda looking at us sideways because we can’t seem to get the with the idea that we’re done with nothing new to say.

That there’s nothing left to do but just be the guy’s friend.

Now re-read that above and instead of the tattoo, imagine I said “voted for Trump” and…
…just let it go.

Believe. Go. Do.


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