The Mirror

Society; the media, the very institutions that we were educated by as well as our parents and friends who were indoctrinated by those same forces all tell us, preach to us—command us—to look to external authorities to validate who we are and how we feel about ourselves. Girls must be Barbie thin with big tits who give away in the bedroom what they are denounced for in public…boys must be virile, tall, muscular and aggressively successful and NEVER show emotion.

And both genders have to be handsome and beautiful for every second of every day regardless of the emotional hurricanes raging inside.

Society not only commands us but actually DEPENDS upon us to look to them for defining ourselves because without that intimate dependence, without that hungering need, what the fuck kind of good examples does society actually provide for us?

War is good?
Success is the only result allowed?
Conceit is preferred?
Anger works?
Hate is just a different perspective?

No…no one has to tell you what you’ve known since you were born—regardless that you actually believe this—and that is that the ONLY person, place or thing on this entire mother fucking planet that you are required to look to for validation…

…is you.

That you have all the tools necessary to live a happy and fulfilling life…not the life advertised, promoted, and defined by people you not only don’t know, but whom you’d probably dislike upon meeting. Not the life of;

reality TV,
car and beer commercials,
a corporate corner office,
sports “hero”

You deserve a life that you wake up to smiling and happy to live everyday even when there are rough patches or you may fear or think that it’s too difficult. And you love that life because you love and accept the creator of that life. You only need to look as far as the mirror to ask for approval and seek validation to live…

…a life defined by you and you only.

But sure, it’s a complete shit show getting there—getting to where you love and accept yourself—with many setbacks and attempts, with society fighting you every step of the way because it’s addicted to you, to your blind fealty and unquestioning adoration. Yep, it will probably be the hardest thing you’ve ever done—shaking off those chains—and will likely take a while to get to where you can look at society with a concentrated critical eye and basically say;

“Um, can you get the fuck out of the way, you’re blocking my view of happiness.”

Believe. Go. Do.


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