It’s a big mad, crazy word that means so much and means so little, all at once. If you see it as a weapon-like thing then it’s scary as fuck but if you see it as a sharing thing, then it’s benign and almost cozy But regardless how you see it or what you think of it, no one can give it to you nor can they take it away…because…

…basically it doesn’t exist.

Power is an illusion promoted by society to set you up to struggle with other people. It’s through that struggle that you then start comparing yourself to your enemy or friend or celebrity or whomever. And it’s by that comparison that you see yourself coming up short, you see your lack of (insert something that can be purchased), your unsuitability to (insert a role in life)…ultimately, your failure. And it’s those failures where…
… society has something to sell you.

But what is not an illusion is the fact that you were born with all the tools and knowledge necessary to live a happy, fulfilled life. What is not an illusion is that you were born able to love and able to be loved by others. You need no “power” in order to do these things.

What you do need is to love and accept yourself the way you are, understanding that you are not, nor will you ever be , perfect. And that you have the ability to change those things about yourself that YOU want to change, not necessarily what society wants. Basically, you do not need to struggle with anyone…over anything…in order to validate yourself, to yourself.

And you’ll save a fuck ton of money too

Believe. Go. Do.


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