Wonder Woman

(caution: tiny spoiler alert at the end)

Here in Bijou Trevor, I just finished watching the newest Wonder Woman and…was quiet for 4-5 minutes…something that I don’t do often (meaning never). I sat rock still on the couch and almost didn’t even breathe as the credits rolled, the music played and I’m not sure I even blinked because in that moment I was racing around inside my head desperately searching for the correct word; the most appropriate response. I really didn’t believe I’d find it because every morsel I picked up and tasted, tasted exactly wrong….hollow…empty. I was ready to give up and just leave the emotion unnamed…un-mentioned but very deeply felt…when I stumbled right over it…


There are a lot of “superhero” movies that I’ve watched where that word never crossed my mind simply because none of them went the distance…none captured the essence, heart and soul of what a true superhero should be. None lived up to its own hype and they didn’t because until Wonder Woman I don’t believe they ever knew what the actual meaning and definition of the word was.


They either regulated themselves to some hokey, USA patriotism covered bullshit or wrapped themselves in snarky self-deprecation meant to cause comfort and familiarity (lest the main character create a “hazardous workplace environment”…if you know what I mean) or they just threw as many computer animated “gee whiz wow” characters at you like so many bead necklaces at a New Orleans Jazz parade.

Showing your tits optional.

Wonder Woman—and perhaps it could only ever BE Wonder Woman—did everything stunningly different by simply presenting an actual, fully formed reality. One with corruption and defenselessness, a deeply flawed population as well as the most noble of emotions stripped of pretense and Hollywood faux glamour. A reality with meaning…I’m saying REAL FUCKING meaning…and a story that made actual sense.

The movie started with the pretense of “this is just the way the shit went down” and kept that promise all the way through. Super powers were actually super powers but not immediately and that detail just felt accurate. Real. Regardless how gorgeous both Gal Gadot and Chris Pine are, people seemed to be actual people (with only a very few cliché’s) saying actual words you would imagine they’d say. No stretching of the point…no gratuitous explanatory dialogue (usually aimed at US audiences sorry to say) but just a very well told story. It didn’t matter that it was gods and super powers and seeming absurdities, the movie did what goddamn movies are supposed to do; it made you suspend your disbelief and forget about those details.

There’s been a lot of brouhaha about Deb Jenkins, the director, and the fact that shes a woman and it’s a blockbuster—blah blah blah—misogynist redneck rant from the right—blah blah blah—self-righteous “I fucking told you so” diatribe from the left…but, quite honestly, I couldn’t give a fuck; whoever can make a movie this amazingly good I just want them to hunker down and start making more…

…many, many more!

Also, it doesn’t hurt that in the movie a guy named Trevor had sex with a stunningly gorgeous goddess/superhero.

Just sayin

Believe. Go. Do.


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