a screeching bass

I assume you know what Déjà vu is… déjà vu from the French, literally means “already seen”, and is the phenomenon of having the feeling that the situation currently being experienced has already been experienced in the past. The feeling never lasts that long but the depth and texture of it is so pervasive and striking that sometimes it causes vertigo.
Now, what do you call the feeling when you’re experiencing something that you truly believe is something that hasn’t occurred yet? Something in the future. Something yet to happen

A sixth sense maybe? Visions?

Now imagine that you’re experiencing déjà vu about an instance in the past where you experienced the exact moment you’re currently in now. And it resonates inside you like feedback in a speaker system, reverberating over and over, getting louder and louder with the harmonics echoing at a frequency you can feel in the marrow of your bones as well as in the fillings in your teeth.

A screeching bass.

The sound louder and louder overcoming your sense of direction, place, time…a deep thrum inside that you can’t determine the direction it’s coming from…although you know that it’s coming from the inside out, it is also from outside in.
It goes on and on and your sight wavers with visions of trees and weird alien structures, with time starting to crawl backwards, or seem to, yet you know your moving forward. In fact, you can’t help move forward because there’s almost a gravitational pull toward some unseen light up ahead, someone screaming…

… someone dying.
But there is no way to stop both the forward and backward movement, the deep frequency hum that is shaking you apart and it gets louder and lower and you feel your very atoms start to shiver, to shake apart and just when you feel…just when you feel like the very center of who you are will be blown apart and you’ll be nothing but bits of shadow, crumbs of matter….

…it stops.

I just finished Twin Peaks.
…that Lynch dude.

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