Your choice

Trying to figure this shit out…

You meet someone for the first time and you really know nothing about them other than their appearance. You might have some additional information from mutual friends but for all intents and purposes, you don’t know them at all. But…

…based purely on their appearance you start to make assumptions about them and, in fact, some of those assumptions appear as facts inside your thinking. These “facts” come from rumblings you’ve heard from your social circle, from articles and posts you’ve read online, from reports by the media…and, most importantly, from people you trust and respect. In some cases it’s the person’s skin color which has an outsized effect on your immediate opinion and…

…their skin color is not the same as yours.*

In your circle, among your friends…certain characteristics are talked about, a certain level of consistent behavior is mentioned about people of that skin color. More often than not these characteristics and behaviors are opposed to your beliefs and ideas of the way society is supposed to work. But regardless the behaviors or characteristics (that you were told of and now think of as fact) all of those characteristics…you innately know…are not choices that the person in front of you has made…or could make.

They just are the way they are.

So you feel kind of feel weird because, while you believe there are those differences, you also know that it’s not something that the person has control over or can just simply change. You know deep down that you only have the say-so of your friends, family and people you trust as to the accuracy of your own beliefs. You feel strange because you blame that person in front of you for being different than you, knowing full well that there is no possibility…

…at all…

…that they can be like you.

Believe. Go. Do.


*insert skin color of choice…it works for them all.

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