You are god.

Not a god of testaments or long dead civilizations but the god who IS you. You are the god of your dreams, your hopes and aspirations. You are the god that rains holy fire down upon your own actions…and grants miracles seemingly out of nowhere. You are the god, the only god, that will save you…

…from yourself.

Because the only enemy you have on this planet of seven and a half billion others wakes up with you every morning, looks back at you from every mirror…lives inside that moving cage called your body…with you.

Regardless what you’ve been taught to think or feel, the fact is that you are an independent, wholly self-contained entity experiencing this vast universe through the physical senses installed around the edges of your cage. Your physical body;

You see.

You feel.

You smell.

You hear.

You love.

No other god gives you these things, except the god who is you. No other god knows what you know, hears what you hear, sees what you see, feels what you feel, smells what you smell…loves who you love.

No other god holds dominion over your actions, your thoughts and dreams, your hopes and fears…no other god can know you as you know you.

No other god can hurt you like you hurt yourself. And you always hurt yourself.

You are god.

Stop that.

Believe. Go. Do,


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