What we should know

These are 11 things we should know:

  1. You can do everything right and still lose the game.
  2. Reality doesn’t believe in rainbow farting Unicorns either
  3. Some people will be mean to you regardless what you do or say
  4. Don’t assume they know what you’re talking about
  5. Some issues are binary with demonstrably correct/incorrect answers
  6. Some issues have an enormous spectrum of “shades of grey” answers
  7. It is your responsibility to decide which is which
  8. You can count the number of people who should take responsibility for your actions on one finger pointing back at yourself.
  9. It costs nothing to be nice to people
  10. Government was created to protect you from me, protecting you from you is your responsibility
  11. You cannot truly love another person without having loved yourself first.

There are other things we should know but, start with these, and you’ll get to the rest when you’re ready.

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