Row Boats

fire burns the hand that
throws the Molotov as
well as the flaming car,
hurt the sayer as well as
the said to…and still
we don’t see
they are the same;
one side of a row boat
needs the other
to remain floating
yet one rower
is on the
wrong side,
only because
there are two sides and
with oar in hand, with
straining back, through
daylight and into
the rower knows to row
unaware of the infrastructure
and connection
deep and
of the boat under the rowers, under
duress it creaks, the wood
flexes, swells from wear
and water…but…
row boats need care, need
“looking at”
because erosion, injury, the sun, time;
and will
silently destroy the cladding, the spars
and bulkheads
that displaces the water that
floats a boat
when rowers
only row
the boat will fail
and both sides
will drown.

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