And When I

And when I open my eyes in the morning

I want to see you

Feel you with breathing near and reach across

Tug the sheet a moment, a flicker of energy

An awareness; half asleep, half knowing

A little more, expose the skin

Soft, tender seemingly flowing water-like from

Sheets white and stark

Against skin, against the shifting morning light

Filtered through leaves and trees and windows and shades and

See and hear what I’ve dreamt of


And when I feel your breathing next to me

The bed slowly

Rhythmically moving a millimeter up


Like ocean waves rolling endless toward

The shore

Feel the bed in time with your breath, my heart

The sun sitting, expectant, waiting

For an open eye


And when I am almost all the way awake

I want to have you

Feel you envelope me; warm breath and wet lips

And wait and wait and wait

For the sun to slide away, to reach beyond us

And have the day

End without the need

To leave this place


The bed.

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