Beauty rides the night

Beauty rides the night, a

Cloud, a sweep of air

The moon, denied its face,

To see, be seen, to share


Stars shed light like grains

Sand..a glittering beach

With moments spread thin

All there, but out of reach


I am the night, I feel it deep

Within my heart, felt beating

Felt flowing, felt within reach

A landscape wide…sweeping


She is the night, she is

Beauty, the moon, the stars

The moment upon which I rest

The missing time; only ours


Cold and dark the night unfolds

Hello to wandering eyes…and

Reaches out to embrace

The glittering of the sand


Beauty rides with sight and

Sound and fury; all that is lost

The past…not trust, not confidence

Innocence has been the cost


It has been to accept and forgive

Unlike what has come before

To breath deep the night, the waves

Reach us from a distant shore


Beauty rides the night, a


A sweep of air.



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