And Is You

Hope is the sound of rain on the roof in the spring, plinking…green and yellow
flowers growing wild without restraint or knowledge of
where, who, how they’re supposed to be… 


Happiness is the distance between your feet and the ground when finally
you let go of what is holding you so tight, so close, so firmly
planted with your fears and pain and lost… 


Satisfaction is what should be inside when you awake in the morning;
it needs no event or happening in order to rise, to be ,
to manifest within you and become… 


Love is around us, within us and who we are behind these fleshy masks
and shadows we call living and what we call ourselves when
we have no words for our… 


Contentment is nothing else but the complete absence of pressure, of
a life that you neither wanted or planned for but so completely
have and have…pushed away…let go…un-tethered 

and watched drift into nothing
so that the life you live
is the life you have
that you want,
is you.

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