The day rolls over and eyes me, the melon
sized look of a disinterested whale…
watching me watching it and
wondering why…I think…and I take
it personal.
On this end of the new day I look at it as
it stretches and contracts
according to arbitrary rules, according to
things I can’t or won’t
‘Looking’ is a funny way of saying
‘thinking’ but I do…and
shouldn’t when I mean
actually thinking
but isn’t that the way it feels
as we look inside?
Anyway, I say (and say a lot) because
anyway is the way of
saying something without saying something that
means anything
while waiting for
the right thing.
I wait for the right thing and
take it personal
my brain takes too long, too much
time passes and I feel the moment
and evaporate.
Melancholy is a word
rarely found on the back of
a cereal box but
it should…where else is it best
experienced found seen heard
but at
breakfast, staring
at a new day.

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