There is a moment that sits so plainly, so quietly
available…inevitable…and it’s being aware of who, what, where
breathing waiting being looking seeing…
listening slowly as life slides quickly, silent with
so much noise that fingers hurt…and bodies
slip into restless levitation.
This moment collides with thoughts once
had, once believed to be true, once held in
warm hands, in times of crisis, inside…
inevitable and wanting
…seen through eyes of unknown
sadness, through circular reasoning.
This moment falls eloquently on simple skin, on
evaporating dreams, on the opus of our own
magnificence…on and on and on…yet we call out
waiting for a different outcome, a different
future…a different inevitability.
Our right-now feelings thoughts dreams are what they
are, waiting for change like waiting for rain like
waiting to breathe but, but, but…
unaffected by what will be, by the inevitable arc of
time ticking going ending slipping past today.

We cannot see what we don’t believe and that is
sad, inevitable or simply the way the machine
is built…the future is only inevitable in the fact that
it is not today; won’t be yesterday and somehow
we believe anyway, without proof, that it will be
We are asked to feel things that we’ve never felt, things
we’ve never thought, things inside and outside
of us…sight unseen…and yet we do and without belief
that they exist, without a thought toward how that
lack of substance will…or won’t affect us.
Inevitable is the word used when no other word
fits the fact of an unknown moment waiting wanting
sliding calling simply stalling the wait toward a
future beyond this minute…and is only apparent when we
believe we have no choice…or have given that
choice to someone else.

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