About Light



In some ways, this life, this
time, this awareness we call living, this…
emotional breathing moving meaning ultimately
being ultimate thing is
about light.


Not the light that sits on a desk, on a
nightstand or from a tube held in shaky
hands down narrow stairs in uncomfortable darkness…
but the light that burns slowly inside, outside
and through it all.


It’s about the light that shines past crying eyes, past
pain and fear, sadness and crazy thoughts, through…
hard and fast times, cold times when touch is a memory
almost forgotten but held like a candle against the
darkness of a simple soul.


It’s about light some call love, some call god, some
call the police; it spills into madness, edges out reason
moves emotions past a line…that line never crossed…
yet looked at, admired, seen through filtered stares
and imagined…


It’s about light never seen but felt and filled, about
light indescribable, about light as a photon a wave a thought
a movement toward and through, about seeing what
is believed and never wondering why, how or
about light.

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