Keeping The Movement

Snow piles up outside and I watch uninterested, inside these
walls ideas slide past, while the cold pounds on windows, on
time and…in place.  Wondering like
I do; I think that the moment I give or seek praise, that
when I rely on the judgment of others…I am
lowering myself toward something, toward
a place that I may never escape from, never know
I’m even there.  
That when I compare myself to another, up or down, I
am giving myself as a psychic slave, under
their power, within their grasp.
What I should do, where I should exist, who I am and
all of those questions belong on a shelf in a closet in
a house in a city in a country far far far away…nowhere
near where I think I am now. I have to think
no one is above me, below me as I am simply where
I am now…my awareness is what I am, nothing more and
that is all I can ever be, all I can ever be, all I can
ever be but not all that I will ever want to be so
moving from today to tomorrow might might might
be a straight line…might not…but;
it is movement physical mental emotional;
And what I do, who I am, where I exist is all
about keeping the movement so
my tomorrow will always be where my
tomorrow should always be. Unless and
until it’s not.  But that means every part of nothing when
viewed from within the knowledge that tomorrow today
exists only for me, only for you, only
as an idea that slides past as I watch, uninterested as
snow piles up outside.

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