A White Day


I canceled cable today, called the
guy and told him thank you, but
I was planning on living instead, planning
on experiencing
doing, not
by watching.  Yeah, I know that
it’s irrelevant meaningless crazy sad misguided but
that’s from an advertisement, from
channel 1471 or
I saw the snow today falling outside slow motion creating
insulation, creating newness, clean and blank and I
thought about
living and I wanted
to, wanted
to think without thinking, without thinking about
what I am missing at
8:50 PM on Thursday…
on the air.
I saw the white of the day laying prone and silent, waiting
for me to feel it, see it with eyes not
squinting from too bright moving blurred animated graphics, from
indecision and
fear I am missing something. The white day
opened up and I let
it in.

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