In My Little Words

I thought about this a lot recently, maybe too
much but is that possible and there
I go thinking
again…I thought about who
God is
found myself turning in circles random scribbles running
music drifting lights and silvery smoke
filling my
head. Now,
I am not really “about” religion, if
that means that I don’t
get it, don’t believe, don’t
understand well
enough…or not…but
the point is that thinking of it
a lot
is the same I think…and is that good
no, it’s not and I’ll explain in my little words my
meager sense and that is
in the mind of man
God is
someone who
excludes, and,
in my mind, the force that gets called
God is
at all, not in
books, not in
art, not in
chants and curses and winks and nods and
burning incenses…and…
if it was, if it was, if it was, it
would include

permanently forever;

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