Hey This Life


Hey, this life
it’s not massive as it is minimal
not behavioral as it is chemical
obvious now it is mostly subliminal
until what wasn’t…is now critical

Hey, this life
a soon to be ending condition?
a particular kind of sedition?
no; an under-funded mission;
finding the keys to our perdition

Hey, this life
we might forget about what’s right
slide past the lack of light
and regret, but know it’s slight
we give all…to not give up the fight

Hey, this life
more than less the saying goes
longer, farther; the experience grows
always always toward the close
…the ending that everyone knows

Hey, this life
not bad not sad—really—not either
health comes from you; the healer
to be happy is to be the cheater
peace comes from you; the creator

Hey, this life
all good all bad all everything to us
while happiness is contained in trust
in the end, we know it will rust
but love will win
because we know it must.

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