We’re all broken…in little ways in big ways in
time we all feel less-outside-alone-separate-different and
without the knowledge we need to fix us, to
be more-come inside-join-mix and celebrate our sameness.

We’re all suffering…in silence and loudly…with help and
without, running from and running to, some more
than others and some pretending to not at all…but we;
you, me, them, us, ours, all and everything are suffering.

It is bad, we think, it is necessary (we know), it is inevitable
we fear…but it is simply us being us the only way we know how;
because the happy side of the coin is still only half, it feels the
sad side where it can’t see but knows it is balanced, it is life.

We sometimes step aside from that decision and watch it slide
by, watch casually-intently-longingly with all we have or
need and with that frame notice nothing extraordinary
except the absence of living…but sadly that’s normal.

We are all broken-damaged-altered and utterly without
direction or intent but we are humans; walking-breathing-waiting
for the next and the next and the next to happen, to
create the moment for us to inhabit, to live in.

We live joyous and exuberant, we live sad and lonely, we
live in the way we are able, each and every one we live a part
of this, a part of that…no one completely on either side of
that happy/sad coin; always always spinning…always landing.

Always choosing which part is more broken and which part
is less but always broken in some way and that’s not sad-bad-wrong-less…
it is life-it is living-it is loving ourselves-our faults-our
intent to inhabit this moment, this life.

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