Standing in Our Own Light


I imagine we are
a huge crowd of people
living in cold bright days with
whispers of clouds across dark
motives, we think
I imagine
wandering amongst ourselves
shadows crossing
searching the ground, looking at
gray shapes
looking for a connection
we are wary
scared, alone
in the crowd
we have ideas silly little ideas
of tomorrow, of the future, of
everything lined up
dominos toward an end that is
smiles and happiness and…impossible
but we have
I imagine us moving like fish
waves around central points
changing direction but
always in sync
more or less
the future looms and blots out
it’s prescription wholly
incompatible with reality…
shadows fall
across reason and
the crowd
all of the one and one of the all
continue searching, not
we are standing in
our own light, casting
a shadow
of destiny that
too busy searching
we don’t see.

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