Ignore All Advice


          Listen to yourself
quiet the noise the calls the songs of
hardship happiness hatred, the moments
filled with the low hum of life, of living
in an age of motion without consequence
          Define your edge
see contrast where lines fade to simple
transition; tomorrow into today and
yesterday sinking over a blue black
horizon toward irrelevance
          Move your boundary
fits and starts and long long long
thoughts between pulling yourself forward;
holding yourself back…always hovering
in the small distance
          Create your future
ignoring recipes following winds watching
game shows for clues; revel in the
insubstantial knowing it all is, it all
has a part to play
          Live in your dream
with abandon with meaning with
a small dog named Milo…with all the strength
of an impartial universe channeled
exercised moved and devoted
          Die one day
not today not everyday not on a schedule
with planning marketing deliveries of
forgotten flowers on gravesites lost in
the crowd; the inconsequential
          Ignore all advice
go back to the beginning as many times
possible as many places probable as
many people you can and always always
always; listen to yourself.

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