Sons and Daughters of Destiny


They are out in front of this life, the
sons and daughters of destiny, faceted
dreams, limitless motion upward outward
always always moving
toward…not from.
They are behind the scenes, schemes, minds
that dream of crystal clear
beginnings…majestic meanings with
purpose and direction.
They are…
Us ordinaries, we roll along within our tracks,
within our small orbits; wondering big thoughts in
our tiny existentialism–the out there–lost in
tangents, messages from our future.  Where
are the sons and daughters?  Their destiny lay
bare, waiting as we toil in small fields of dreams
concerned only as far as arms reach
legs carry, eyes differentiate dark
from light.
Our sons and daughters immersed in media in
miniature motion replicas of reality; played out
in indignant internet society’s unhinged from
emotion and substance…watching bits and pieces
unable to think of the whole…and
ultimately unprepared.
The new new NEW AND IMPROVED! service economy
gathers shadows in big baskets, spreading itself
along trusted pathways, toward a greater good
that is filled with local pain; ideas without
wishes and rainbows.
The sons and daughters of destiny; one day
consuming nothing they’ve made, living
in houses of borrowed intent, laughing
at a reality held at bay by the television
their limitless motion upward outward
always always moving…

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