3 Dimensions of Memory


Sitting on the floor with my back to
the world, I was thinking…the view from
my side of these eyes, and the view
from your side, and you, and you, and…I
imagined that I look at the world, and what
I see can only be in relation to who I am, to
memories I know.

Is that revelatory? Or simply an idiot
sitting on the floor…

What is an apple when I look at one today, hold
one in my hand?  A trillion processes
between fingers and eyes and dendrites, neurons
axons…all firing and spitting chemical
reactions, stirring the pot, recreating the
memory of an apple in my head…from
many yesterday apples.

What if I’ve never seen a yesterday apple, heard
of one, eaten one…ever?

Without that 3D image filed, that collection of
matching memories, things I
know; what am I holding but a round thing,
maybe red, maybe green, a dimple like
on either end…a small stick maybe in
one dimple and could be shiny, could be bruised
but how do I know.

What if I’ve never felt your love, never
knew it’s beauty, it’s touch, its…

What do I think when it is suddenly there, out of no
where, out of the blue (or maybe not) but there
there there and the dendrites neurons axons go
into motion movement toward creating the space
inside, three dimensions of memory…and…
nothing; vague semblances of thoughts, ideas
shifting scenes of people not you.

I learn and adapt and build those future
memories; imagining it looking back to now…

Sitting still with my back to the world I think that
what I don’t know I am doing when I don’t
know can’t relate is to create that knowing, make
that space, align those three dimensions…direct
dendrites neurons axons…toward building that inside
toward remembering the today that
I think about tomorrow.

And I will know by knowing you, by
believing in those future memories.

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