Someone Who Looks The Same


It’s a fine line that we walk tiptoe stampede otherwise ignore
when we want/need to decide…feeling/running toward the score
when we seek to mate, combine, debate; we date create are late
for knowing less, knowing more…resigned to this endless fate

I heard “Anyone who knows you knows they don’t know you”

Over, over inside my head, my ears burning, my brow with slick sweat
with concern, with the low brim of a hat, with numbers and emotional debt
I look into corners; dark and dim memories of who I am when I am me
but as much as I look as much as I stare, I never see the one I see

I heard “Anyone who knows you knows they don’t know you”

In distant past reforms of consciousness, in reams of paper written on
about things that make sense, that don’t, that are all…eventually gone
I see again, not again, maybe now, I see someone who looks the same
someone I used to call myself, used to be myself, used to play the game

I heard “Anyone who knows you knows that they don’t know you”

It’s easy in this life to point the blame toward something stronger
absolving me of the weight of life as I try to live that much longer
looking for a core of understanding, for the part of me that speaks
just a few turns of a screw, a little twist here, a couple of tweaks

I heard “Anyone who knows you knows they don’t know you”

And I think on that, watch my own words paint a picture so incomplete
so roiled with lack of confidence, stained by simple human deceit
it becomes a mantra, call to arms, my reason for opening my eyes
I want to stand there, in trust and dignity, as the last of me dies

I heard “Anyone who knows you knows they don’t know you”
I cried for an instant, for an eon, marveling at how it’s so true

I will pick up the thread, the line, the map toward someplace not me
toward the target, seen from heights, toward one day who I might be
I think I can’t, no I can’t, stop I can’t but in the end; I will, I do and I can
it is as simple as, is as safe as, is as complicated as; I am just a man

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