Inside It Falls


The words fall apart in my mouth; cracking from the edges in, from
lack of foresight, from a limited view, from me to…everything
a perspective only I can see…it frames me, my life my world

This may be the hardest part; the micro second between now and
tomorrow…everything changes–everything moves—onward & toward
an end far off (so close it’s next to nothing) as if it was never there

It started with simple velocity, an arc toward/across a coffee cup
and blinking ignorance of what didn’t fit, what wasn’t there, what
wasn’t seen but thought of…put there in a dream, a moment away

A conversation amplified by distance, by minutes of innocent fatigue
of waiting for response, filling in the silent holes with happiness smiles
many tomorrow’s lined up in play clothes; bright and positive

Rinse and repeat; the dinners the movies the times the absences the
missing minutes between wanting and getting, the low hum of “lonely”
where expected silence should have been deafening.

She says the hardest words, a picture filled in by tears, by emotion
toward a closed door, toward the end, again and again…and I watch
all fade into a memory I can’t believe, I feel hear look at it go/by/away

Two not meant; just imaginations…pushed to that line, just
moved by words by thoughts and actions where endings were brought
together and released as a conversation, a point, a motive

Listening to the rain I hear myself so simple so quiet so damn
away from here away from me and away she says she says
but it all falls down like so many times before…like inside it falls

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