The Pungent Smell of Sameness


It isn’t easy…opening eyes shut for so long, closed against the pain
of realization, enlightenment, dreams of tomorrow’s gone on forever
of mindless following, of accepting these restrictions so effortlessly…so
easy and freely giving over ourselves to mediocrity to the bland ticking of
society’s simple clock simpleminded measures of winning and losing…

It is damn hard…jumping toward an edge unseen an ocean far below with
infrequent waves of joy of happiness of trying to find the right one, the
perfect…anything…always always always knowing that perfect exists between
our ears only, between here and now there is nothing but nothing and tomorrow
doesn’t exist today; not what we see hear feel smell touch and taste.

Once we heard…the “secret” was inner fulfillment like something bought at
the local 7-11, packaged and marketed on channel 4 on that website with lol
cats laughing, squirrels on surfboards, a viral message of hope and
dreams wrapped in hallmark’s finest, wrapped in the smell of pungent
sameness, simple compliance…

The difficulty is…there are many things to believe when we believe that believing is the
thing that gets us from here to there, from us to them, from me to you…from
the inside to the outside but but but is it is less believing as is it being we
think, we see in our inner eye squinting against the hypocrisy of our emotions
against the glare of our own sad imperfections.

We want to scream
We want to dream
We want to want again
We want to stand apart
We want to start
We want to be a friend

The end result…something anti-existential, something lost on whim and madness
on the backs of thoughtfulness, on the swing shift and on and on…we reach
for the shelf we see with cupboard door closed, the thing that already matches
a squirrel on a surfboard…the tick tock of society…winning and losing…
what is outside of us.

It will end…this dream this life this rolling rocking trip toward the other end of living
and who we are once we get there is who we were when we left so many lifetimes ago, so
many different people we went through; had as our own smiles our own shy selfishness
and in the end…ha ha (the end)…we’ve added a few pounds to what we started with and
we lay down and say hello to the beginning of something else.

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