Mindless & Miniscule


The person we trust least is the person we know best…who
smiles back from mirrored walls from Facebook photos from
memories of childish laughter and feeling free without
feeling guilt…we look at ourselves rarely fully completely only
in slices and through half closed eyes.

We bump up against our own boundaries if we’re lucky, if
we can, we watch and wait while mysteries deepen while
motivations gather while inside we rejoice while outside it
is raining…and the song won’t remain (the same or otherwise)
because we’ve seen the end and it is us.

Molecules banging off molecules; atoms of matter all
running hell and high water toward endings and beginnings
lost dreams sitting looking pretty…a manifesto of
liberation of mindless & miniscule mistakes driving
the end and beginning of humanity as we know it.

Bullets and boomboxes line up along the threshold of
knowing, of seeing past what we could never see when we
seek to catalog, to label, to sell to our consciousness
that we are anything other than alone and desperate
for another shadow beside our own.

The papers say that we’re afraid and more and more every
day we are but we are because of the news, because we
believe things outside of us that we would never believe if
it came from inside, if we taught ourselves these
disappointments…learned distraught and despair

There is no universal truth that applies, that will heal the
wounded, salve the unsalvageable…we are all alone and
this is our strength, our will to be, because alone is only a
perspective and we have millions…billions of individuals
different and the same, connect and disconnected

I love you them us humanity by loving me, by awareness of the
limitless edge of my soul and yours and ours and everything
…by knowing that alone is how I connect but together is
how I feel, how I am, how we all move in motion toward an
end that is not.

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