A Trillion Suns


Hot sun on gun metal on backs on sand on jungle on ocean
on billions alive dead regardless of direction persuasion color age
location…all equal and worthy of its rays of it’s life given freely and
without need for recognition of ownership of motivation other than the
natural urge to transfer energy from there to here.

Into that transaction we humans put a system of relationship of
motivation of living with regard to who how when and why, we all
impose a meaning  where none naturally rests where none was
created in that spark in that furnace in that gloriously benign
center of where we revolve/resolve and endure our petty pain.

Years pass and we are fed have clothes shelter warmth we have time
to observe…with our huge capacity of thought we tell ourselves we
are bored, we compare this to that, us to them, all to nothing and only
see difference; what they have (we do not), what is here (what is not)
no one sees sameness compatibility coexistence or cooperation.

Comparison breeds contempt breeds anger breeds association;
a collective understanding (finally) about destroying difference in order
to create peace…where originally the sun simply warmed all in its path
before our magnificent flawed petulant fearful too big brains convinced
us that something is always better than nothing.

The dirt earth ground beneath becomes the vehicle upon which difference
is enshrined in which ownership is resolute and immutable when
inherently we humans know, feel, have in our blood; the ground moves,
the sky does not…when maps become the only reality that counts
when we count down to Armageddon…

Mountain, road, river, border; lines on paper, many lines erased and
rewritten, moved from this side to that side…aligned with fascism
democracy racism imperialism nationalism protectionism…large
words with small meanings leading to hate and inviting death
for a session of staring and opportunism.

So over and over death stares assiduously across mountain, road, river,
border creating a visual tunnel, locking onto our stares, watching
for opportunity motivation absence and assumption…sees
nothing but what it knows will be the future, knows
will be the way from here to there…death has no choice.

We are bored, our large complex brains, and the sun’s rays are no more
noticeable than a reality show, a dog sweater, frequent flier’s miles, collagen
implants, religion, ethnicity, sex, volcano’s, war’s, or the vast array of
mustard selection at the local grocery store…a trillion trillion suns all shining
on a trillion many more lumps of dirt.

Our sun’s rays, falling 93 and a half million miles across frigid emptiness
across one year of time, across the doorstep of tomorrow cares nothing
of mountain, road, river, border…it is life in the form of free energy of
the willingness of the universe to share to create and be created over
and over again regardless what is in it’s path.

Here or not here, same of different, right or wrong means exactly one
hundred percent of nothing to our sun…billions of years in the past though
billions of years into the future…our big complex brains notwithstanding
we create what is meaningless, we kill over what is nothing, we are (in
comparison) the same as the dirt we live on.

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