Incomplete and In-Transit


Forgiveness is sadly done in increments never all
at once never just get it over just forget and
move on…there is a lingering aftertaste a scar, a
shadow that stains…the past reaches forward
to twist a piece of today, asked for demanded
held onto with red hands white knuckles, we
pretend we’re complete; a copy of what we don’t
do when we cry from what we did.

Time arcs across our lives bringing gladness
sadness madness driving our thoughts toward
forward and always a companion beside us
but we falter we fall we fail and we lose sight
of our humanity our insight our common idea
of love and connection and sometimes live in
our own singular direction.

Rarely do we see ourselves in that act of hurting
the script written playacted toward a curtain
call…an audience receiving the brunt the self
we never want to see the mirror image of painful
parody…of ourselves as separate from us, from
the things we know we should be when we should
be who we are.

The increments collect in piles in small orderly
places of memory and myth but never, almost
never, reconstituted as a whole as a complete set
the full spectrum of light that erases the shadow
the stain the last bit of pain…and releases
today to just be today without prologue without
sour aftertaste.

How do we learn to forgive as a whole…to lock the
pieces of the past into that place it lives, a cage
we can peer into, can study but securely quarantines
those failures those stains of despair & lost
redemption…learn to look at the past without
being the past without letting it reach forward
twisting today.

Living in this moment this time this soul…relying on
being happy because happiness is who we are is
forgiveness, is about assembling increments, is
realizing that there are no stains no permanent scars
only shadows disappearing from the bright light
of knowing we are human we are incomplete and
we are in-transit always.

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