Sometimes We Live


Sometimes we say things because we can’t say
…other things…can’t mean what we want when
we want to mean what we say; words fall out on
unprepared ground; on and into places they’re
not meant for.

Sometimes we do things we never wanted to
never thought we could never had the idea to
but but but they are done…as stand-in’s maybe
other things…but presupposing our intent we
can’t forget they were done

Sometimes we feel things we can’t ever really
know, can’t understand like we do our thoughts
dreams ideas of the world us and living so we
rename them and recreate them into something
we can and it works…sort of

Sometimes we are things we don’t know can
never know; always looking in slices of mirrored
memories to see patches and pieces…just beyond
the reach of dreams…seeing who we are when
we forget who we aren’t

Sometimes we live when all that thinking all that
motion madness contrives to drag our sight our
thoughts away from believing what we already
believe knowing what we already know and finding
that…we can just be

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