It All Starts Here


Reaching out in your balanced…in your stretching arc
you span a distance—some distance—can be far short
can be forever and can be never but reaching is the
reason the motion the why

Seeing the end state the goal the thing the point of
disappearance and convergence; you reach and you are
by doing so by having the idea by initiating the
internal machinery you are

Living seems a very short straight line compared to
stars to planets and ends of ends of time and space but
when looked at closely at sub-atomically at tiny
detail…it is anything but

Being is a vibration a wave of energy swapping and sliding
across the space between then and now and tomorrow
and inside and outside and all happy opposites placed
end to end within your dreams

Ending is nothing is everything is an insignificant line on
a useless form meant to note a change a transition as
waves become particles, are waves again and again
forever…and are always now

Starting is the other side the underside the front side the
reverse of what was before; the friend of what is now
all lined up waiting for your soul your mind your energy
to reach out once again.

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