Lines of Light

Imagine we are three dimensional lines traveling along
multiple axis along our paths toward tomorrow toward
a future unwritten unrealized unknown always waiting
beyond reach time and thought

Imagine we are lines all of us the billions the everyone
we believe in when we believe in an “everyone” like grass
like fur on the planet, individual hairs swaying to the
pressures of living being believing and seeing

These lines like beams of light they cross and never
touch they shine though each other leaving nothing, no
mark stain inky residue no memory no little emotion
left…not a drip on the side of a cup

Think normal direction is 90 degrees crisscrossing a
billion lives here to there, there to here; a huge woven
fabric that blankets the planet, holds us all on the surface
all unknowing unbelieving and connected anyway

Sometimes rarely almost never considering the number
of crossings per day per life two lines converge and change
direction combine for a minute hour day forever and travel
parallel making stronger brighter warmer light

Think of life an infinite pattern of light beams at right angles
some cross diagonal (brighter fuller stronger) meaning
couples marriage boyfriend girlfriend; two traveling the same
path together for however long

Life does not require two for the path it does not compel
or dispel…life provides the energy the wall socket the
grid that these lines of light travel upon…there are no signs
no laws rules or directions

Recognizing the lines of light we travel through, the individual
paths we cross daily, reaching out to touch to mark to stain
to combine…this is who we are who we want to be who we
can be as long as we know we can

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