A Vantage Point Partially Described

We don’t listen to people…we listen to ourselves
in the words of others…imagining we know what
they mean their fears their ideas their meaning; we
think we do…we don’t; our souls shifting silently
away from understanding away from a common
goal direction and we fail

Without listening we fail at living fully completely;
alone and apart we lose humanity bit by bit/mile by
mile; not born with it we didn’t have it we are
supposed to come into it…to realize it later to
find it within (without) ourselves so missing so not
having it isn’t death

It might as well be; living without connection without
intersection without that umbilical thread to humans
to the earth life the universal fabric that shrouds us
protects provides is essentially being dead while alive
while breathing (we don’t) we watch and wait as it
passes…a parade we can’t join

Only watch from an uncomfortable curb from places
dark and tired from a vantage point we’d never pick
given the choice…and we have been; every day every
minute motion miniscule reaction to these events we
call living we have choice reason motivation to change
what we call life

Life is not a something not a time not an idea…it is an
all and everything and mostly a nothing that exists; 
an energy underneath/throughout us while we never
notice the arc we cut across time space toward an
ending we don’t pick a vantage point partially described
completely defined by living

Living is listening…to people to nature to yourself
without adding words feelings…your world across and
over the top of them—it—us—we all try we all fail we all win
when we all become “we all”…a singular plurality a specific
rhythm frequency toward a common goal idea; the fabric
life connected and in motion.

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