Where Shadows Haven’t Fallen

Silence fades daylight seeps under closed
shades slowly slowly filling shadows, a
moment stretches past breaking…snaps
plainly heard the morning starts, a cup
of coffee sits staring back, the WSJ newly
unfolded…the news waits breathless

Seen from behind I am motionless, sitting, a
morning location with coffee with paper with
time set out on the table before me…a new
day forgetting the previous, the last one in
line for experiencing for knowing for feeling
time pass…the news is impatient

Not completely still my eyes roam the room
a minute here there mostly toward tomorrow
toward where shadows haven’t fallen where
time hasn’t touched stained left indelible
footprints showing discovery finding where
the news doesn’t yet exist

The coffee in the cup lets go it’s last little
warmth it’s heat drifts away a moment too late
I drink it gone…my reading glasses a sign of
time passing of traveling forward I reach and
push them into place, the page of newsprint
in focus I jump into today.

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