Not inoculated it exists in my head in the abyss
between what I know, what I don’t…when seeing is
too difficult too based on filters bias conceptions
when believing; the exception

An emotional environment at once grasping and
hostile unforgiving alien…great leaps of distance
of ideas generated with little regard with
loose connection

Like plateaus leading to a mountain range 
different—the same—ordered seemingly 
without thought…the gist is lost on travelers
on thinkers

A homogenous political pattern decries
difference/shuns controversy…a favorable
outcome regards acquiescence with
knowing smiles

30 miles from the center the city the home
of what experience points to when it is asked
”why?”…Zombieland exists separate and
unasked for

The TV internet email telephone…conduits
siphoning bits and pieces, grabbing handfuls
of knowing…eyes ears taste longing for
sweet difference

Trains run in between, swapping this pain
for that pain for a few hours for…until
the process reversed stamps paid
across the front

Zombieland exists for those who will leave
not for those who will stay…inoculated they
stay disregarding influence; unwanted unasked..a
different world

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